Step-by-step Snapfluence campaign 

Follow links for Snapfluence’s unique take on our process.


Snap packages.jpg

1. Define campaign plan and strategy

2.  Refine influencer characteristics

Call with Brand and Snapfluence community manager

3.  SEEN to recommend campaign #hashtag and #hashtags to drive discovery

Suggestions will be based on secondary #hashtag Insights reporting (optional)

4. Devise posting guidelines

See example

5. Brand + Influencer matchmaking

Brand/Agency will have full influencer approval. SEEN will pass along more than enough during selection process 

6. Brand/Agency to deliver branded swag/materials and/or product for Influencer packages

SEEN will curate welcome kits/product and swag for each influencer

7. Create and manage posting schedule

An overview of the schedule will be delivered to the brand/agency

8. SEEN coordinates file transfer of images

Image rights are fully signed off on by influencers at Snapfluence sign up

9. Comprehensive auditing and analytics

Customizable weekly report and campaign recap report will be delivered. See example campaign report here