To understand the millennial female consumer and the Reynolds brand associations. The Reynolds team was using traditional consumer research methods like focus groups and surveys and was unable to generate any customer insights to help create more effective marketing and product development.


The SEEN team provided an in-depth analysis of consumer media sharing activity related to the brand, brand activities, and competitive brands/products.  We analyzed images from a targeted demographic of consumers that included the use of foil and other Reynolds brand products.  By decoupling the ‘kitchen’ concept and focusing on the consumer ‘moment’ sharing, the team developed a new customer journey story.


The analysis showed that the dominant sharing came in the hair coloring experience, not the kitchen experience.  In fact, the women were creating and sharing several moments throughout the process and frequently mentioning the use of foil and the Reynolds brand.

The Reynolds team had significant evidence to consider new marketing and merchandising opportunities for the brand and with its retail partners.