How is your Influencer Marketing Management?

Are You Tracking the Right Things?

Influencer marketing can be a complicated beast. The pieces of a program are constantly changing and there are a lot of different things that need to be tracked.

To do this tracking, influencer marketing managers often turn to spreadsheets. Managers use spreadsheets to record everything from influencer contact info to compensation rates and posting schedules. As far as tracking goes, a spreadsheet is really the only way to organize all of this information outside of your own head.

But how do you know you’re tracking the right things? What if you leave out an important piece?

Are you finding that you’re not able to keep track of who is posting when? Having trouble tracking engagement on influencer posts?


If you’ve ever done an influencer campaign, we know you’ve got some monster spreadsheets full of details. We want to see how you’re tracking your campaigns. Submit your tracking template and our team will review it and let you know what’s missing.

We’ve been running influencer marketing campaigns for years and some of the biggest brands in the world have trusted us to take care of all the moving pieces. We can help you identify potential problems.