When Reebok wanted to make a big splash for the launch of their new Zpump shoes, they contacted us to discover the most active and exciting running and fitness content creators.

We recruited a team of 20 instagrammers from around the world to show off the Zpump shoes in action. Reebok sent the Zpump out to heavy lifters, Yogis, long distance runners, and even an Olympic triathlon trainee. They wanted to see how real athletes used the shoes to enhance their training.


As part of their launch strategy for the new line, Reebok also wanted to populate their social media sites with photos of the shoes being used by real athletes. So we found 5 content creators to serve as private, real-world photographers for the brand. Reebok sent them awesome gear and they provided Reebok with incredible photography to use on the brand’s social media channels.

Check out the #GetPumped images and get inspired