We work with brands and creators who value creativity, individuality and collaboration.


@andrewkuttler at Coachella via Take5

@andrewkuttler at Coachella via Take5

Brand Marketers

Our clients understand that mass-market advertising is not the best way to build a meaningful connection with their consumers. They understand that the “path to purchase” is not linear, but rather a journey fueled by the search for purpose, relevance and ultimately trust. 


We use the term expressionists because the content creators we discover are above average. They have worked hard to build their communities and they understand the influence they yield.  


We believe that the best expressionists must be individually chosen and that the idea of a network is limiting; a finite network can lead to insincere brand plugs and unhappy creators.  This is why we work to build relationships with expressionists -- to pair them with meaningful brands who value their content and give them the freedom to create.