We’re relationship builders. 

Creating and maintaining strong connections... with each other, with our clients and for our clients. We want to build something with you—beyond the campaign, beyond the transactional. We want to help you solve your problems. 

We’re matchmakers.

We hand pick expressionists who embody the values that meaningful brands have taken the time and care to build. We call them expressionists because they’re more than the platform on which they create and they’re not just hired hands— expressionists instill their work with meaning and intention. The end result is not just a photo of a product, but an exposition on the meaning behind a brand. We identify the ideal expressionists—wherever they exist— and empower them to interpret each brand’s message.  

@Karen.Lao via Hilton Garden Inn

@Karen.Lao via Hilton Garden Inn

We’re analysts.

We love data and problem solving, but we view all technology as a means of strengthening human connections. And we use it to serve the people on both sides of the influencer and brand equation. We employ technology to help us discover expressionists and strengthen their ability to create. We use data to help our clients measure the impact of meaningful images on their brand legacy. 

We believe that a consumer's “path to purchase” is not linear. Rather, it is an indirect journey, fueled by the search for purpose, trust, relevance and relationships.

At SEEN, we match meaningful brands with individually chosen expressionists allowing brands that matter to build trust, loyalty and community with their audiences.