seen builds AUDIENCE

We have a growing set of media properties that focus on local and niche audiences.  We bring to life the stories and most engaging content to inform, entertain and inspire each community.  What you can expect to find from a SEEN channel is the highest quality authentic content.  

1812 Columbus

1812 exists to inform, empower, and connect the Columbus community by delivering credible, human-centered stories from authentic creators in desireable formats. We aim to cultivate trust, bridge gaps, and create bonds among the citizens of the capital city by unveiling the stories we have in common. 


Snapfluence is working to provide the creative social influencer community with resources, inspiration and education in order to elevate the world of advertising and create more beautiful and meaningful interactions. We aim to end bad advertising by working to elevate talented independent creators and connecting them with opportunities.

Social humans podcast

Social Humans is the podcast that takes you behind the scenes with your favorite social media creators to tell you where they came from, how they got here, and where they’re headed next. Come join us as we peak behind the curtain of the social media machine.