espnW, the leader in women’s sports coverage, was looking to connect with their social audience on a deeper level through the “98 Days to Shine” campaign. The goal of the campaign was to drive brand awareness and loyalty. The summer long campaign was made up of 98 unique daily photo challenges, encouraging users to post an image with that day’s theme, including the campaign hashtag.


SEEN provided espnW and their partner agency with the Campaign Platform to easily monitor and respond to participant’s entries as well as display a gallery of the shared content to their website. The SEEN Campaign Platform also made contest entry simple and efficient through our registration tool. By using our platform, espnW was able to easily select their daily winners.


espnW reached over 17 million Twitter and Instagram users while gaining brand loyalists. Over 9,000 user-generated photos were shared, and espnW was able to grow their social footprint with a 7500% increase in Instagram followers and a 24% increase in Twitter followers.